Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hati yang Terluka . .

3rd DECEMBER 2011

tangan terikat hati terluka

lately, i felt that i'm no longer important to live on this earth but GOD still loves me.. when i'm think something stupid then i think GOD.. biasalah manusia.. bila susa baru mahu ingat TUHAN, so do i.. but honestly, i'm just a human being and nobody perfect [ bukan lagu nobody wonder girls okay ]

but suddenly, there's something shit that makes my life ruined..

today is the worst ever day happen in my life...

actually i should be happy today but yeah..... no ones will know what will gonna happen in the future including me..

so sorry to my lovely dearest father.. i know u've done many things and sacrificed a lot just to make my life easier and comfortable... but i never cherish that.. but, i really regretted it..

i just want my life easier without any troubles.. aku tahu kadang2 kita perlukan ujian untuk mempelajari sesuatu perkara..

aku tak minta kepada TUHAN untuk mudahkan ujian tersebut tapi aku minta suapaya aku kuat menghadapinya..

in other hand, i hope one day there's a sign that GOD will show to prove that I'm the one who was persecuted...

p/s : hari ne 2 years 2monthsary... pa ne..? teda kena mengena Faiez [ suka aty aku la bha mau ckp apa..]

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