Friday, December 2, 2011

Malang Paling Berbau

2nd DECEMBER 2011

bad luck ? me...

*currently, i started the new semester and honestly i really hate to be at this place. because of what..?
+ i dont have any places to fit in.. merempat okay! [ sampai aku tidur di masjid2 ne - joking! :P ]

+ currently aku paitung tempat kawan aku and aku tidur di lantai sebab aku lupa bawa tilam empuk dari rumah.. aku tak sakit belakang sebab tidur atas lantai tapi aku kesejukan sebab tu lantai..

+ because of  i failed to get any hostel then my passion in studies turns down so extremely but it doesnt reached to the level of suicidal.. [ sometimes i think about it :( ]

+ i being laziest person when the class starts at 8 am [ gara2 xdapat hostel punya pasal la ne ] so, i purposely being late go to the bus stop.. [class starts at 8 and i at the bus stop 8.01am :) ] then, the bus just left me behind without any signs to stop for fetch me up.. huhu! ada aku kesah..?

+ i dont have any iron so, i go to the class with a tangled clothes..  hate it so much because it showed me that i'm a shabby girl.. [tapi nasib la kusut tu tak ketara sangat sebab aku kasi tarik2 tu baju supaya hilang kusut dia.. hahaha! ]

* i really hate with all things that everyday i should to face up.. anythings! aku benci menghadapi hari esuk..

* i really missed my sweet home and extremely i want to be at there rite now!

i dont have any desired to start new sem.. still in holiday-happy-forever- mood on..

p/s : take me home !

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